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Wednesday, February 24, 2021

One size fits all is a myth, just ask Texas

Dear President Biden, VP Harris, Director McCarthy and Staff,

Congratulations on your victories and appointments.   I am very proud of you and our country. 

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I am sure you've heard about Texan existing single family homes and the poor people dealing with the disasters.  It's concerning, however, I'm not going to talk about it.  Texans will do what they want to do. What does concern me at this time is this.

I heard a quote recently on television from a member on your staff, "I realize that when you look at our buildings being green and the climate, not one size fits all."

There's a myth out there that when you look at a building that you can't design or make it the same way as you do in other regions simply because the weather requirements are less.  That's a myth.  The other myth that comes to point is that you can't assess or evaluate the overall green attributes of a real estate property and it's structures with one tool, "no one tool can assess the green attributes over the entire world."  That's also a myth.

Our Climate is changing and that's only one reason why more green attributes in our homes need to be implemented.   Secondly, our technology for interior personal comfort and safety has risen.  The fact is that architects with the approval of the clients have designed and built buildings for personal ascetic and comfort while the communities environment is sacrificed.  Since every building from the skyscraper to the single family dwellings coach house has to provide a safe temperature for it's residents, cooling is now a priority and necessity.  In areas where the heating requirements were comparatively low are seeing decreased temperatures and increasingly expending heat energy every year.  

So what's the big difference in Southern "warm sunbelt" architecture and Northern "cold getting warmer climate" architecture?  The big difference is in single family homes.  Southern or sun belt regions tend to build on a concrete pad without a foundation, unless the building is near a swamp or wet land, then it's on pedestals or columns with flooring above grade level.  You will see a combination of building types in every region due to the traveling nature of mankind and the individuals knowledge of construction that comes with it.  A true green assessment of your home, multi unit apartment, or office complex cannot have a balanced rating global system without understanding the complex combination between humans and their dwellings from the artic to the equator.

A GAPScore assessment is accurate for a global environment because of common requirements for human safety and the planets ecosystems and environmental stability while increasing the knowledge base of the general public.  Each region may have slightly different green agendas and building requirements.  For example, Colorado does not allow rain barrels in a region that severely needs water and requires water restrictions while New York City as well as other non-draught prone regions do collect rain in barrels.  A home in Colorado on average gets more direct sunlight than an average single family home in any big city.  Every region has the little differences and the commonalities from similar regions around the world.  You can rest assured that as long as some one needs to stay cool or keep warm, the common factors that are required to maintain a constant internal state of temperature energy efficiently will increase across building techniques around the globe. When you ask the right questions and compare your assessments to others in your immediate region, the differences and similarities come to light while being balanced and fair with others from anywhere.  

An overall 50 GAPScore in Central Florida, Jamaica, or Singapore is the same good green impact level as an overall 50 GAPScore in Vancouver, Moscow, or Argentina with small differences in building materials and design functions due to each regions requirements.

It's easy to dispel a myth when you're knowledgeable.  That's why we made

So visit our site site and dispel the myth that there isn't anything green about your existing house. 

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