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Thursday, January 10, 2019

The Home Stewardship Initiative Review        

The Home Stewardship Initiative, or Home.S, is a community inclusive initiative program to encompass the needs of our communities’ respective residential environmental commitments and goals to reduce use, conserve, and enhance the ecology for sustainability, adaptability, and resilience to climate change and negative environmental impacts.
In actuality, with the additions to government building codes, financial incentives and services, the Home Stewardship initiative is and has been an ongoing initiative for many years. Any initiative that helps a home owner’s building or place of living become more environmentally efficient has been enforced for the betterment of the earth, human health, sustainability and overall mankind’s safety, is a green initiative of a home owners based campaign.  
Now, the multi-faceted canopy of residential initiatives can have a name.  The name is to distinguish the importance of our residential spaces in the ecology and our lives.  It deserves the attention of a few to influence many.  So, the named initiative is a focus point for environmental committees and its members as a constant reminder for awareness.

In Oak Park, Illinois, the Home Stewardship Initiative is prevalent with accomplishments in the past and current campaigns, each with its own focus, communications and influences.  These are current ongoing 2017-2018 initiatives
*Promote environmental sustainability - Sustainability Pollution reduction Explore viability of green infrastructure / sustainability requirements for new developments in the Village TBD
*Maintaining a beneficial environment as pollution free as possible Sustainability Pollution reduction *Public Education Work with Wild Ones and other groups to promote methods of pesticide avoidance practices and initiatives and native plant landscaping. Distribute educational materials and 800 *Pesticide Free yard signs to residents and schools. April – November
*Promote energy conservation and environmental sustainability - Promote recycling and waste reduction 
*Public Education - Provide educational outreach (including composting, energy efficiency and conservation, native planting and special collection events and other environmental information) to the community by participating in Day In Our Village, Farmers’ Market and three other community events. Also seek opportunities to reach out to local groups and School Green Teams. Ongoing $100.00 for printing and display items.

Our property owners are responsible citizens that support our environment, yet must realize that they are the environment. When we change, the planet changes also.  It is a mechanism which has the power to change the environment for good or bad.  Our campaigns need to be more wide reaching and in depth to the situation of climate change and health related issues to home owners.  

The direction to take in the path of crisis can be enlightened with the correct data and intelligence in the form of public knowledge and action.

The home is a complex structure and a comprehensive sustainability plan is produced for municipalities when the Home.S Initiative is accompanied by a robust online presence and fully implemented customized green assessment application for existing home owner awareness, overall education, and data collective scientific purposes.  

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