Green Assessment Potential Score GAPScore for Homes

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

GAPScore Test Questions Available

GAPScore Test

Green Assessment Potential Score
for Single Family Homes

How do you determine a home’s green potential? Answer yes or no and then go to to register and complete the 30 minute GAPScore Verifier training, determine your green score and list your test results.  The online test has "hint" sections next to each question to help you along the path to being greener.

  HINT: use the "hint" section online to related questions.  
And the more you can answer "yes" to the questions the better, but not always.  
Best policy: Be honest and truthful with integrity.
  1. Is the house less than 2,000 square feet?                                            
  2. Is the house less than 16,000 cubic feet? 
  3. Does the longest wall face south?  
  4. Does the south wall receive direct sunlight? 
  5. Does the foliage in the yard cover more than 50 percent of the lot?
  6. Do more than 30 percent of the windows face south? 
  7. Do the windows have awnings?                                                             
  8. Are the windows Energy Star rated?                                                    
  9. Are the south walls constructed of brick?                                              
  10. Is more than 50 percent of the roof exposed to direct sunlight?                
  11. Is the roof covered in black asphalt shingles?                                          
  12. Is the roof flat and coated with silver reflective paint?                             
  13. Is there a heat barrier on the roof?                                                         
  14. Is there an attic fan with a thermostat?                                                  
  15. Are there gutters on the house and does the water travel more than five feet away from the foundation or concrete pavement?
  16. Do the downspouts drain into the sewer?                                                 
  17. Does the house have a rain barrel or rain storage system?                      
  18. Is the property an EPA-certified Brownfield site?                                     
  19. Are there roofs covering the porches and decks?                                     
  20. Does the property share a driveway with another property?                       
  21. Does the house have insulated, continuous siding?                                 
  22. Are the doors properly weather-stripped?                                                
  23. Are there foyers leading to all exterior doors?                                         
  24. Does the house have plaster walls?                                                        
  25. Are the exterior walls insulated between the studs?                                 
  26. Is hardwood flooring installed in more than 50 percent of the house?         
  27. Is tile flooring installed in more than 50 percent of the house?                   
  28. Is there non-VOC carpeting in the home?                                              
  29. Is there non-VOC paint and/or wallpaper used throughout the house?        
  30. Is the driveway composed of gravel or other porous materials?                
  31. Are there above-ground decks with open soil underneath?            
  32. Have any advanced lighting systems been installed?                               
  33. Does the house have a solar landscape lighting system?                         
  34. Does a solar panel produce more than 50 percent of the homes electricity?
  35. Does a solar panel heat water for the home?                                           
  36. Does the home have an Energy Star air conditioning unit?            
  37. Is the home equipped with a geothermal cooling system?                        
  38. Is the home equipped with a geothermal heating system?                        
  39. Do all of the air ducts in finished spaces have seams that have been sealed with foil tape?
  40. Does a wind turbine produce more than 50 percent of the home’s power?
  41. Does the attic have more than 10 inches of insulation?                            
  42. Is the foundation insulated from the interior?                                            
  43. Does the home have more than 100 square feet of radiant flooring?          
  44. Are the water fixtures equipped with point-of-service heaters?                  
  45. Does the house have a tankless water heater?                                       
  46. Is the water heater Energy Star rated?                                                    
  47. Is the furnace Energy Star rated?                                                           
  48. Is the home equipped with more than one type of heat source for climate control?
  49. Does the home have two or more ceiling fans?                                      
  50. Is there a whole-house ventilation system separate from the forced-air furnace system?
  51. Is there an exhaust fan in every bathroom?                                              
  52. Are there can lights that open into the attic or can lights that are installed next to the roof line?
  53. Are there motion sensors or timers on the home’s exterior lights?             
  54. Are there motion sensors on interiors lights?                                           
  55. Are there timers on interior lights?                                                          
  56. Are there tubular skylights installed in rooms without windows?               
  57. Are all appliances Energy Star compliant?                                             
  58. Is the home equipped with a boiler system?                                            
  59. Does the home have a gray water recovery system?                               
  60. Does all water-supply plumbing pipe run parallel?
  61. Does all hot water pipes have 2 inches insulation and all cold water pipes have 1 inch insulation?
  62. Does the home have water-efficient low-flow fixtures?                              
  63. Are the water fixtures within 30 feet of the water heater?                         
  64. Is the home located more than 500 feet from a waterway or natural wildlife path?
  65. Is there an irrigation system for rainwater runoff?                                    
  66. Is there an organic compost bin on the property?                                     
  67. Does the home have a fireplace?                                                            
  68. Does the kitchen stove hood vent to the outside?                                   
  69. Is the home equipped with a radon mitigation system?  
  70. Is a bathroom fan attached to the hygrostat control?                                
  71. Is there a dedicated cabinet space for a recycling bin in the kitchen?         
  72. Has the home been tested for overall air leakage and received a score of less than five percent air loss?
  73. Were any of the 10 advanced framing techniques used during the original construction or rehab enlargement of the home?
  74. Is the exterior of the foundation and slab insulated?                                 
  75. Are the floors sealed in all finished areas?                                              
  76. Are the floors above unfinished areas insulated and covered?                  
  77. Does the home have a green roof?                                                     
 HINT: use the "hint" section online to related questions.  
And the more you can answer "yes" to the questions the better, but not always.  Be truthful

Now that you’ve completed the GAPScore Test, go to and find out!
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