Green Assessment Potential Score GAPScore for Homes

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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Investment Benefits of a Home with a GAPScore
Any existing single family residence can "show-off" green traits and potential.
Investors see the benefits of using GAPScore to attract buyers and tenants.

To assess the potential benefits of a GAPScore rated property, look at our scoring system and ask yourself how you want to enhance the home's value in the marketplace. There are four rankings available through the GAPScore system: a Yellow (or low) GAPScore, a Blue (or low to medium) GAPScore, a Light Green (or medium to high) GAPScore and a Dark Green (or high) GAPScore. As your GAPScore rating increases, so does your home's appeal -- and its environmental sustainability.

Benefits of a Yellow (or low) GAPScore: Investors may be interested in a property even if it isn't green. Why? Because it can be purchased as a tear down, and the developer can build a green home in its place.  This house has potential to score better when you look at the lack of simple mechanisms incorporated to the systems to be environmentally efficient.  If there are design features that shine while the simple mechanisms are missing, then the property can be immediately turned around to be made more efficient with minimal cost to the owner. 

Benefits of a Blue (or low to medium) GAPScore: Investors may be interested in this property especially if the owner hasn't performed any green upgrades because the property has some pre-existing green characteristics, traits or attributes. A green renovation project represents a valuable opportunity for a smart investor who understands the value of green building practices. Because this home already has green features,the developer's financial investment in green enhancements may be lower. To become a green property the features presented must fit a base score in all categories.  Many blue homes are energy efficient and superior in thermal properties and material use, but do not fit water, air, solar or land use attributes to comply.  With a little planning and investment this property can be a green property in no time at all. 

Benefits of a Light Green (or medium to high) GAPScore:  This home has many green characteristics. Whether it is a newly constructed home, a rebuilt home or a home that has been modernized with green technologies, this house is a gem.  The property has been fitted to incorporate an energy and environmental efficiency that surpasses most lower end home environmental certification programs.  Of course there is still room to be greener.  With the right property owner, this home can become dark green very easily. 

Benefits of a Dark Green (or high) GAPScore: Any green-certified home should rank in this category. It is interesting to note that only one tenth of a percent of existing homes are Dark Green! This home's Dark Green ranking was no accident. Rather, it was the result of a lot of planning and green expertise. It represents the Green Standard that we should all aspire to. Whether it is a newly constructed home, a rebuilt home or a home that has been renovated with green upgrades, this home is highly efficient, ecofriendly and ready for healthy green living with a low overhead.

Benefits of the GAPScore:  When you've completed our GAPScore test, you will receive a report summarizing your property's green attributes. You will see a graphical representation of the green categories that the levels of effectiveness property posses at this moment. This report will enable home owners, buyers, sellers, brokers, appraisers, bankers, investors and other interested parties to easily assess the home's design, land management, water systems, air control, sustainability attributes and energy efficiency potential. When used during the sale process of your property, a GAPScore will favorably impact the speed at which it sells and potentially make a substantial value increase to the perspective buyers.

Having a GAPScore puts your house in the green spectrum. Every house should have one. Everyone should be a GAPScore Verifier. It starts with you at

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